Description of the name "Malcolm"

Malcolm is most popular name in District of Columbia of US for all generations. And most popular Boy name of Millennials (Gen Y) in South. The Short-term(recent 3 years) Trend of this Boy name is stalled, And The Long-term(recent 25 years) Trend is stalled.The popularity of this name is recently(3-years to 2022) stalled for male in Northeast, and stalled for male in Northeast


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Visualized Trend by Regions for 'Malcolm'
Visualized Trend by States for 'Malcolm'


The total number and actual popularities of births of the name "Malcolm"

Years where ranks are the same does not imply that the number of births are the same. Data are missing for 4 years where the name Howard is not in the top 1000 most popular names. Name data are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States.  

The rankings of the name "Malcolm" by years


Name Rankings by Generations

In the G.I. Generation(1901~1927), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 230th out of 1480 names.
In the Silent Generation(1928~1945), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 232nd out of 1233 names.
In the Baby Boomers(1946~1964), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 320th out of 1280 names.
In the Generation X (Gen X)(1965~1980), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 392nd out of 1316 names.
In the Millennials (Gen Y)(1981~1996), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 304th out of 1329 names.
In the Generation Z (Gen Z or Zoomers)(1997~2012), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 464th out of 1377 names.
In the Generation Alpha(2013~2023), the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 368th out of 1201 names.


Name Rankings by Generations and regions

In the Millennials (Gen Y)(1981~1996) of South, the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 262nd out of 1201 names of Boy.
In the Generation Alpha(2013~2023) of Northeast, the popularity of name "Malcolm" is 264th out of 1201 names of Boy.

Popularities by states

In here, popularity refers to the value obtained by dividing the number of births with that name in a particular state by the total number of births in that state. Therefore, it represents an absolute value of popularity unaffected by population.